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We absolutely adore a malachite necklace—it's the perfect summer accessory that adds a splash of color to your outfits while being super easy to wear. Plus, it is in the most trendy color of the season -green! As we embrace the lushness of this vibrant hue, the malachite necklace becomes a standout piece that adds a touch of effortless chic and elevates your whole look. Not only is it perfect for your outfit, but for your karma as well. Malachite is believed to possess healing properties, bring positive transformation and activate the heart chakra. Now, let's dive into three on trend ways to style your malachite necklace and make it a versatile go-to piece for any occasion.

Elevate your basics

Take your everyday basics to new level by styling it with a malachite necklace. We love the malachite necklace layered with a couple of sleek chains and styled with a baggy jeans and little black top for a sophisticated yet effortlessly chic look.  Let the vibrant green hues of the malachite necklace add a pop of color and springify your whole outfit, while still keeping it easy and casual.

girl wearing casual outfit and malachite necklace
girl in black top wearing layered malachite necklace

Alternatively, opt for wearing your malachite necklace with summer dresses in light colors to bring it up a notch. Strapy sandals and a little bag will finish off the look. Chic, summery and easy - just the way we love it.

girl wearing white dress and gold malachite necklace
close up on malachite necklace

Upgrade you beach outfit

Who said pool does not require an outfit? When it comes to beachwear, the malachite necklace becomes the perfect neck candy to take your bikini game to next level. Layer the necklace with a delicate gold chain for an understated feel or wear solo. The beautiful vibrant green hue of malachite gemstone will look stunning against your sun-kissed skin. We love to pair up our malachite necklace with a matching color bikini for a wow effect or to style it with the basic bikini colors like beige, white and black. Both combinations look amazing so you cant go wrong no matter what you choose. Besides, our malachite necklace is now tarnish and water resistant so you dont have to take it off when you swim or shower!

close up on malachite necklace

Finish off your night out looks

For a glamorous night out, transform your look with a gorgeous neck stack where malachite necklace takes center stage. Layer your malachite necklace with a bunch of mismatching gold chains of various lengths and textures. Complete the outfit with gold earrings and stacked gold rings. This type of stack would be a perfect addition for any night out outfit, be it a dress or jeans with a little backless top.  The combination of the vibrant green of malachite gemstone and cascading layers of gold chains will take your night out look to the new heights.

girl wearing green dress and malachite stack
close up on malachite necklace stack


We love malachite necklace for being such an easy to wear and versatile piece, that can effortlessly transform your whole look and add just the right dose of style. Whether you're aiming to elevate your bikini game or add a finishing touch to a night out look, the malachite necklace is the right choice. Wear it solo, layer it up with other necklaces and chokers - and just have fun styling. Remember, you are the one who makes the rules.

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