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layered pearl necklaces


The layered necklace trend started back in 2020 and seems it is here to stay. From layers and layers of gold chains to cute pendants and one of a kind pearl pieces, layered necklace look has become the go to way to style your outfit. Dressing down with your clothes, yet dressing up with your accessories has definitely been a huge trend, both on Instagram and real life. While it may look super simple to put together, layering necklaces is actually a work of art and requires a bit of skills. To help you master the art of layering, we got a few tips and tricks listed below:


Step 1: Choose Your Base Layer 

The first thing is to build up your foundation – choose a shorter necklace that will serve as your base layer. Everyone prefers a certain necklace length, so feel free to experiment a few different lengths until you find the one. We love having a good chain necklace as a base, for example our Cuban Chain Necklace or Drama Necklace are often used as a first layer to build a cool layering combo. Alternatively, why not use a pearl strand as a base layer and layer it with a cute pendant!

Step 2: Pick a Statement Necklace 

Once you have your foundation down, it’s time to pick a statement piece to add a twist to your look. It could be either a classy pearl necklace like our Pearl Dreams Necklace ( we always love mixing pearls and chains in one look for the contemporary feel) or a one of a kind piece to draw all eyes to your neck stack, like our Shine On Necklace

STEP 3: Anchor your look 

Finish off the look with a striking pendant necklace – this one is going to be your longest layer. ThisPearl Obsession Necklace, could be a pearl pendant necklace like Floating Pearl Necklace or Pearl Obsession Necklace or a necklace with a gemstone, like Malachite Crush Necklace or Black Onyx Necklace. It could also be crystal pendant piece Shine On Necklace would be another great choice, especially for the evening looks. 


layered pendant necklace

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Don’t Stop at Just Three!

While a three layered look may be super popular, that doesn’t mean you should stop there. Throw on a bunch of necklaces together, mixing chains of different lengths and textures, pearls of different shapes and some one of a kind pendant necklaces to create a unique neck stack. Here’s one more tip - add a splash of color to your neck party for a wow effect. Check out our most popular layering sets Dreamland Necklace Set and Sansara Necklace Set to get inspired.

layered necklace set

Sansara Necklace Set

To sum it all up -there are really no rules when it comes to getting creative with layering. You can transform your whole look from day to night, simply by accessorising it differently, We hope this article was helpful and you are going to have fun styling – don’t forget to tag us on IG, we d love to see it!

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