About the brand – CULT OF SUN


Inspired by the island lifestyle, Cult of Sun is a brand of beach-to-bar layering jewelry.

We are all about layering. Every single piece in our collection is designed to be mixed and matched, stacked and layered in order for you to create one-of-a-kind layering combos and express your personality, mood, and style differently on different occasions.

Our jewelry is designed with the idea of finding balance in contrast: it is a mix of bold and modern statement pieces and minimalistic everyday essentials, creating that edgy yet laid-back, unique yet super easy-to-wear layering look.

As a brand, we take inspiration from the women who dare to live their dreams. Inner strength, confidence, courage, and self-belief are the values we stand for and those we aspire to see in every woman. We believe in doing things differently, sticking to your own path and following your dreams, despite the pressure we sometimes feel to fit the mold.


Our mission is to create beautiful jewelry that lasts and that is accessible to all.

​All our jewelry is plated with a thick layer of 18 Karat real gold and will last for many years when taken care of properly.

We only use natural pearls and gemstones such as natural malachite, agate, onyx, and freshwater pearls.

All the materials we use are hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

We use natural materials for our jewelry packaging such as linen for our jewelry pouches and recycled paper for the jewelry boxes.

We care about design, quality, and a sustainable way of making our jewelry. We only work with small, directly owned workshops in China and Bali, that allows us to have a strong grip on product quality and make sure that every single piece in our collection is created in accordance with the highest level of social and environmental standards.

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​Cult of Sun Team