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Pearl necklaces will always have a special place in our hearts. They’re unapologetically glamorous and make us think of some of the most stylish women in the world, from Audrey Hepburn to Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy. The layered pearl necklace is having a moment - but they’re not your grandmother’s pearls.


This trend takes a ‘quiet luxury’ staple and gives it a chic bohemian twist, reimagining the classic piece as an everyday accessory. Everyone from Harry Styles to Rihanna and Gigi Hadid has shown that pearls aren’t just for special occasions. Styling layered necklaces with pendants and gold chains can elevate any look and make this once glamorous accessory a staple in your jewelry rotation.


pearl layering necklace set on tan model wearing a white shirt

 Dreamland Set

pearl necklace layering set on tan model wearing a white shirt

Layering Pearls and Gold Chains


Gold chains and pearl necklaces are a match made in heaven. Modern and trendy vibe of gold chains adds an edge to the pearls, making it a head turning yet an easy to wear combo as part of our Dreamland’ set. A pearl choker lands a perfect finishing touch to the mix and takes your whole look to a new level.


Besides, this gold layered necklace trend creates the illusion of a longer neck and works best with collar shirts and button-up blouses. It’s an everyday layered necklace set you could wear for brunch with your girlfriends or running errands.


You want the longest pendant to be visible under the shirt by leaving a few buttons open. Each necklace should be unique in its own way, its a mismatching effect the makes the layered necklace look truly special.


chunky pearl necklace and paper clip chain necklace on curly hair model

Pearl Obsession Necklace + Drama Necklace 

chunky pearl necklace and paper clip chain necklace on curly hair model

Gold Choker and Pearl Pendants


2024 is the year the gold choker makes its comeback. It’s a necklace layering essential to use as a base for your pearl necklace. If you’re experimenting with a gold pearl necklace for the first time, keep it simple with a duo.


What makes this layered pearl necklace set so elevated is its simplicity, with two statement chains letting the baroque pearl have its moment. You can complete your look with chunky gold earrings and a bold ring to channel your inner goddess.  


This is the gold pearl necklace set you’ll want to wear all summer, whether you’re working on your tan at the beach or grabbing an Aperol Spritz with your girlfriends.


bingin pearl necklace set on a curly-haired model
bingin pearl necklace set on a curly-haired model

Pearls with Dainty Pendants


Our ‘Bingin Necklace Set’ is for the girl who finds herself being called to the ocean. This layered pearl necklace set dresses down a pearl choker with layered gold pendants of different lengths. While the pearls take center stage, they’re balanced by an evil eye necklace that accentuates the mint hues in the freshwater pearl choker.


The art of layering necklaces is bringing together different trends to put your twist on the timeless classic. The cute pearl pendant anchors the look, while the gold chains offer a modern feel, and the evil eye gives it just the right amount of sparkle.


Explore Pearl Layered Necklaces with Cult of Sun

Layering pearl necklaces is all about finding a way to incorporate this timeless piece into your closet in a way that feels authentic for you. It can take a little trial and error to find your go-to set, but necklace layering with a pearl pendant or choker is a trend you don’t want to miss out on.


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